Helping the nation through global crisis

Helping the nation through global crisis

At this extremely challenging time during the global Corona pandemic, the need for laptops for home use has never been greater.

So far, we have already enabled 600 NHS staff to effectively work remotely from home using our refurbished laptops. Providing this quantity of devices in an emergency timeframe was a national priority for our business. We worked hard to ensure same-day delivery; equipping key NHS staff with the right technology to work from home will save lives.

As CFA now operates as a Global Resale Company, Jeff Zeigler, CEO of Global Resale noted, “It is important for us to do our part to help during this unprecedented situation. We feel a responsibility to help those who are putting their lives on the line by using our expertise to quickly and efficiently refurbish high-quality machines. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by COVID-19.”

Leon Lindblad, Global Resale’s Head of Refurbishment, expressed that, “We were just happy we could help and get these devices where they are needed the most. I appreciate our team working diligently under these extraordinary times, and we know the need for refurbished technology will only grow as people continue to work remotely. NHS workers deserve all of our support.”

Our team has been doing everything possible to ensure as many people as possible have devices suitable for home schooling and remote working across the UK. Following all lockdown protocol, we actioned a skeleton team of staff working on split shifts, with stringent cleaning procedures adopted before, during and after each shift. The rest of the team operates from home and we have all united together, keeping the needs of our country at the forefront of our minds.

27th Mar 2020 Amy Murray

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