Skins are an ideal way of restoring refurbished tech products with an aesthetically pleasing finish. We offer a wide range of skins for laptop lids, palm rests and track pads to fit multiple makes and models.

What makes our skins different?

We only use the highest quality 3M material to make our skins. When this same material is used to wrap cars, it’s warrantied for 5 years, bringing peace of mind that its use on laptops is reliable and resilient.

Our entire range of skins is colour-matched and expertly cut to perfectly fit each laptop make and model. We have a team of experts making these skins in-house, and they take meticulous care creating each individual skin at our UK premises (located in Poole, Dorset). Every lid, palm rest and base skin fits each product perfectly.

Training on how to apply skins

If you would like free training on how to apply skins with ease, you are welcome to arrange to visit our Poole premises in-person. Alternatively, we will make training videos available to make this free training accessible to our international customers.