Benefits and Features

Benefits and Features

Live Data

With MDOS and MARXpress and other systems that do digital key injection the data is not available for the devices until the Computer Build Reports (CBRs) are sent to the MDOS portal which could be at the end of day or end of week. This is a huge amount of time to not know what is going on. With SMART, the data is live and available instantly on our web app. This ensures that business critical data of the production floor is on hand for the entire company. This data can also be fed back to clients in real-time

Stock Control

Our web 2.0 App gives access to live data on how many digital licenses are on the server and on the factory floors. It also can provide reports on digital key usage.
As we have reports of how many licenses are used and what machines are used, SMART has ultimate control of digital COAs. Never lose a digital license again!


Re-injection of Digital Product Keys (DPKs)

Retail returns and the pain of finding the original key are a thing of the past with SMART. This makes a 5-10 minute manual process in to a few second automated process.

If you are supplying rental units once received back simply wipe the computer reload the OS and reinject the original MAR Digital Product Key (DPK) at the push of a button

Minimum Stock Level

Set a target and let SMART alert you when you need to purchase more licenses

Recovery Partition Key Injection

All our digital product keys (DPKs) are injected into the recovery partition. So if someone factory resets a computer it will not be lost and can be recovered without the need for the customer to contact you


A completely unique feature by SMART. We can certify the Windows load and
version, that a MAR COA has been used, the bios, which country the unit
was refurbished in and lastly, that all drivers are present. This ensures peace of mind when shipping and closes the reuse loop back to the client

Historical Data added to SMART

W hen we install SMART we can take all your historical data from the Computer
Build Reports (CBR) and see if you have done any duplicate injections before
SMART. This was the way we could request a one time credit from Microsoft for
these duplications of licenses. By installing SMART we could potentially be getting
you a credit from Microsoft for tens of thousands of dollars

Duplicate Key Injection Protection   

Prevention of putting 1,2,3 or 10 licenses on 1 computer. The record we have
seen so far is 5 licenses, on 1 computer, in 1 day.
Credit for duplicate injection - CFA can do an audit of any company's CBR’s (Computer Build Reports) and determine how many times a duplicate COA has been injected

Automated Re-injection of Digital COAs

With SMART, retail returns and the pain of finding the original key are a thing
of the past.
This makes a 5-10 minute manual process into a few second automated
If you are supplying rental units, once received back, simply wipe the computer,
reload the OS, and reinject the original MAR digital COA at the push of a button

SMART has limitless injection capabilities 

SMART has no real limits on how many keys it can inject at one time. If you are
running 1 Microsoft server, this will allow up to 65,000 simultaneous
connections. As long as your infrastructure will support this so will SMART

SMART is an add, not an instead of 

SMART is an add-on for the MAR community, not an instead of. If you are using the Microsoft WMS system for loading Windows with paper licenses, then SMART can just be added onto the end of that. It can also be used in conjunction with other software, like Aiken Workbench. The idea behind SMART is to enhance your business, not hinder it

MDOS Server protection

All companies will want to limit access to the MDOS client where their digital
keys are stored. One wrong move could break the server and lose the licenses.
This is why we recommend strong back-up of the MDOS server. However, with SMART’s web App, all the data on the MDOS server and more, is kept in the companies own SQL DB. This can be accessed by anyone in the company.
This gives protection to the MDOS server and at the same time gives the live data to the people that need it, like the purchasers and the admin staff

Windows Version Protection

Never inject Windows 10 home on to pro or vice versa

Force Driver check

Never ship out a unit with missing drivers. Do not allow a key to be injected without all drivers being present.
Audit and reporting that shows all units went out with all the drivers present

Force activation

Force activation ensures that the MAR digital COA is injected and not the original
one in the BIOS. This ensures that you, as a MAR, or a TPR, are fulfilling the
contractual obligations with Microsoft

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